Slouching Towards Disruption: How childhood adversity affects health and healthcare and what we can do about it

A lecture (45 min.) given at Women’s College Hospital, Toronto, Jan 31, 2018.


Good writers teach us what it is like to be sick,, posted Feb 1, 2018, first published (as On Pathography) in Ars Medica, 2006 (anthologized in Body & Soul, UT Press, 2012)

An essay about pathography – memoirs about being sick.


Isaac, the man who lost the story he needs to live,, posted Jan 11, 2018.

An essay that illustrates how trauma interferes with constructing a story about oneself and one’s health, making is harder to get better.


How childhood trauma can have a life-long impact on health, CBC Radio One, The Current, June 8, 2017

Bob and emergency medicine doctor , Howard Ovens, are interviewed by Anna Maria Tremonti.


How childhood trauma can lead to chronic illness, The Walrus, May 31, 2017

An essay arguing that childhood trauma is creating a public health crisis and advocating prevention.


Knowing yourself helps you get the right health care, Toronto Star, Jan 18, 2016

An introduction to the ways in which relationship style is linked to health and health care.


Let’s remember who we’re trying to help, Toronto Star, Jan 4, 2016

An op-ed arguing that disputes over the cost of healthcare are distracting healthcare professionals from attending to the needs of patients, and urging constructive discussion to fix a broken healthcare system.


As Ebola scare continues, let’s have some compassion for people who fear illness, Toronto Star, Oct 28, 2014

A health column introducing hypochondria to the general public as a serious mental illness.