Improving Patient Treatment with Attachment Theory









Improving Patient Treatment with Attachment Theory emphasizes interpersonal relationships as a frequently overlooked, yet crucial element in today’s healthcare system and describes the utility of attachment theory in understanding and managing patients with medical and surgical illness. Sections on the fundamentals of attachment theory, specific patient populations, attachment-based interventions, and future directions comprehensively reflect our current knowledge. The summarized research demonstrates the value of attachment theory in approaching such common issues as non-adherence, strain in the healthcare worker–patient relationship, and somatoform complaints, as well as in modelling maladaptive stress responses and subsequent illness vulnerability. The contributing authors are internationally recognized researchers and teachers who have sought to make this volume accessible to anyone interested in using the positive aspects of interpersonal relationships to maximum advantage in the practice of healthcare.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Jonathan Hunter & Robert Maunder

Fundamentals of Attachment Theory: Jonathan Hunter, Robert Maunder & Thao Lan Le

Advanced Concepts in Attachment Theory and Their Application to Health Care: Jonathan Hunter & Robert Maunder

The Relevance of Attachment Theory in Medical Care: Bernhard Strauss & Katja Brenk-Franz

Attachment Theory and Pain: Pamela J. Meredith

Adaptation to Cancer from the Perspective of Attachment Theory: Chris Hinnen

Attachment and the End of Life Experience: Sarah Hales

On the Floor with C and L: Jonathan Hunter & Robert Maunder

An Integrative, Attachment-Based Approach to the Management and Treatment of Patients with Persistent Somatic Complaints: Patrick Luyten & Peter Fonagy

Attachment Style in Bariatric Surgery Care: A Case Study: Sanjeev Sockalingam & Raed Hawa

The Psychobiology of Attachment and the Aetiology of Disease: Tara Kidd

‘Tell Me What You Understand About Your Patient’: Applying Attachment Principles to Medical Education: Jonathan Hunter, Robert Maunder, Paula Ravitz & Sophie Soklaridis

Future Directions: Jonathan Hunter & Robert Maunder