Self-Assessment Kiosk

Do you want to be able to assess your own physical and emotional health?

We have launched an online resource that provides validated surveys that are freely accessible to all, and provides scores and feedback.

The Self-Assessment Kiosk is a source of questionnaires that measure a wide range of constructs that are relevant to physical and mental health (and particularly to health psychology).

We invite you to try the Self-Assessment Kiosk!

The Self-Assessment Kiosk is a very user-friendly and flexible resource that allows you to choose what you want to measure and provides feedback about your scores. You can choose to save a report of your results or to print the report. If you wish, you can share your results with a doctor or health care provider.

You will also have the option of choosing to consent to your results being used in research or not, as you wish. Over time, we will use the results of this research to generate new hypotheses about the relationships between physical and psychological phenomena. All information that you provide to the Self-Assessment Kiosk is completely anonymous. The research portion of the Self-Assessment Kiosk project has been approved by the Mount Sinai Hospital Research Ethics Board.

The self-Assessment Kiosk can be found at this link

or click the big button

Also, please feel free to distribute the survey link via email, to post it on a website, to Tweet it or to distribute it in other ways. The survey link is:


Bob Maunder MD and Jon Hunter MD