Psychotherapy Essentials To Go


Psychotherapy Essentials To Go: Achieving Psychotherapy Effectiveness

Molyn Leszcz, Clare Pain, Jon Hunter, Robert Maunder, Paula Ravitz, W.W. Norton, 2014

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“An extraordinarily lucid and helpful discussion of the tenets and techniques of psychotherapy. The presentation draws on current research and the case presentations are not only gripping but also studded with brief clear discussions of the reasons for each therapist comment. A superb training manual for therapists.”

Irvin Yalom, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University

Author of The Gift of Therapy

“As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in grief, loss, and trauma, I found Psychotherapy Essentials To Go helpful, with techniques that can be integrated into a wide range of approaches and modalities… As the authors caution, the book does not give a complete recipe for therapy, but rather guidelines to enhance one’s skills. It is easy to read and easy to understand, and can help therapists — especially new therapists — brush up.”

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Psychotherapy Essentials To Go: Six-Book Set

Series Edited by Paula Ravitz & Robert Maunder, W.W. Norton, 2014

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“Psychotherapy Essentials To Go is a truly impressive series of books. Elevating pragmatics over dogma, it is grounded in the wisdom of front-line psychotherapists who adapt the core principles of empirically supported psychotherapies to flexibly address a myriad of clinical issues. I can think of no other series of psychotherapy handbooks as skillfully concise and yet thorough. It will quickly become a standard reference for teaching and enhancing clinical competence.”

Zindel V. Segal, PhD, Professor of Psychology in Mood Disorders, University of Toronto–Scarborough

Author of The Mindful Way Through Depression

“At last! Here is that rarity, a book that actually tells you how to do the job of psychotherapy—laying out the detailed workings of forming a therapeutic alliance, deepening emotional engagement, tactfully tackling trauma, and transforming therapist-client relationship strain into therapeutic opportunity. The accessible, learning-oriented format, with extensive annotated extracts from therapy sessions provide ideal teaching material for all mental health professionals. Simple without being simplistic, demystifying while acknowledging complexity, readable and reliable, energizing yet evidence-based, it is destined for a place in every therapist’s and would-be therapist’s backpack.” —

Prof. Jeremy Holmes, MD, FRCPsych, School of Psychology, University of Exeter, UK

Author of The Search for the Secure Base and Exploring in Security: Towards an Attachment-Informed Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

“I enjoyed this series from two different perspectives: The first perspective is as a professor of counseling who occasionally teaches theory. Students using these books will find them readable, thorough, and applicable to the practice of therapy. New therapists will find them useful to consolidate their own use practice, and they will possibly be introduced to new material. . . . For the experienced practitioner who wants to expand into other modalities, these books introduce a new therapeutic approach. And for those who have only had a quick overview of many theories, this series offers another look, and possibly new material to add to what was already studied. . . . I recommend this series and hope that it will be expanded to include other therapeutic approaches.”

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